Secrets of eating snacks without getting fat.....

It is so simple! Eat the right snack, ok?

All these are 100% natural and 0% Cholesterol Snacks

Roasted American Almond 烤美国杏仁 1.jpg

100% Natural Premium Roasted American Almonds, 300g


S$8.90/pkt (U.P. S$9.60)

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds 烤南瓜子.jpg

100% Natural Premium Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, 250g


S$6.50/pkt (U.P. S$7.00)

美国核桃 .jpg

100% Natural Premium American Walnuts, 180g


S$5.50/pkt (U.P. S$5.80)

Roasted Black Beans 烤黑豆 1.jpg

100% Natural Premium Roasted Black Beans, 250g


S$5.50/pkt (U.P. S$9.60)

Roasted Cashew Nuts 烤腰豆 1.jpg

100% Natural Premium Roasted Cashew Nuts, 300g


S$10.90/pkt (U.P. S$12.00)

Our snacks are imported and are processed & packed in Singapore 

with stringent hygienic control 

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