Surgical Mask Singapore

Surgical Face Mask Singapore

Groopper Apps Pte Ltd is a unique products digital marketing company in Singapore for medical products like disposable face masks made in Singapore, 3 ply surgical mask, medical grade surgical mask which we currently support our clients on products selling and branding through social media and our digital platform quickly and efficiently. 

Currently, we companies in selling its hottest Surgical Face Mask which are made in Singapore and the product is certified under EN14683 medical grade face mask Standard with BFE>=98%

Our product is a disposable face masks made in Singapore with 100% Quality Control before shipping and with the highest grade filter material, our surgical mask provides the best Bacterial Filtration Efficiency at 98% or more. 

The surgical mask has been certified by PSB Singapore (TUV SUD). The effort put in is to ensure our clients get the most reliable surgical face mask which fulfils the standard in Singapore.  

Is your advertisement having 2 types of problem below? 

Surgical Face Mask Singapore

Type 1: Spending $1-$5/click for

advertising now 

Are you paying Google at least $1/click for your advertisement? Or you are paying Facebook at least $0.30/engagement ? 

...... " I spent more than $100 for advertisement without a single lead or sales?"

......." My advertising cost is too high...."

If you are facing these problems above, it could be due to your copy writing, design of graphics and video and also the page you lead your potential customers to. 


Through our powerful copy writing and Facebook & Instagram targeting advertising, we managed to help our clients generate leads at the lowest advertising cost (less than S$0.10/engagement). What does this mean? That means we are able to help you spend less than $0.10 to engage one customer to visit your store. If you have ever advertised on google or Facebook, you should know what this means. Engagement does not even mean per click or per play thru, "engagement" means the customer comes into your website or page to browse through or call you or message you. 

Every engagement significantly increases the chance of closing sales by at least 2 times compared with any play thru or just a click on your advertisement for which you probably are spending $1 - $5/click now. 

We can help you....

Surgical Face Mask

Type 2: Spent thousands of dollars to learn from Gurus

You might have attended a lot of classes to learn from “digital marketing master” but eventually, you still cannot achieve what they have taught you or they keep asking you to pay more to learn more stuff which you feel tired of. 


Some of our clients focus on products and service quality of their business and hence they leave the social media marketing and digital marketing to us. We help them bring in sales leads and they sell the products and engage their customers with excellent service quality. That is our partnership and relationship. 


We ensure that our clients spend advertising fee effectively and efficiently so as to enlarge profitability of business and able to focus on service quality. 

Medical Face Mask
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